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No job is too small. We can do small repair to rain gutters or downspout. We guarantee our work, and will not accept payment until you are satisfied. Our minimal fee for work is $50.



  • We use 5 inch “K” style gutters.

  • All gutters are installed behind the drip edge to ensure no leaks and to protect the fascia.

  • Most jobs are done in one day.

  • We guarantee satisfaction. 

Basic Gutter Repair
Basic Fascia Repair

There are times when fascia is so damaged that we cannot in good conscience install a gutter on it. If this is the case, or if your fascia is what a more refined person might call “super-ugly”, then we can replace the fascia. We are careful when dealing with fascia to make the best quality match to existing fascia and soffit. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal. 

Downspout Strainers

At the request of the customer, we can install downspout strainers at top entrance of the downspout. These help to keep debris from clogging the downspout and getting into the “in ground” piping. We recommend checking the downspout strainers and cleaning out debris around them at least once a year. 

Nicholson’s Custom Rain Gutters do not recommend rain chains for any home. Due to various factors, there are some homes that will not work well with rain chains. However there are some roofs that can accommodate a rain chain nicely. Let us come by and give you a free estimate to see whether your home can accommodate one. We offer traditional thick chain link rain chains, and various decorative “cup” rain chains. 

Rain Chains
Collection Boxes
“In Ground” Piping

For downspouts, collection boxes can be not only a decorative addition to a home, but also very practical for homes with large roofs with a high volume of water. We offer various options. Let us come out to personally show you what we can do and give you a free estimate. 

Nicholson’s Custom Rain Gutters offers options for downspout drainage into the ground. We can replace most existing “in ground” corrugated piping, or can install new “in ground” piping and connect it to your downspout.


In our gutter cleaning services, when we clean the downspout, we will also perform a test to verify sufficient water flow if you have “in ground” piping. 

Gutter Cleaning Services



Why risk it? Leave the dirty work to us. We climb up ladders, walk on roofs, and work up high every day. It’s what we do!


Time is Important!


We will save you time and hassle. Our cleaning crews can alleviate that dirty, all-day task of cleaning your gutters and roof. We have the proper equipment and are able to do the job quickly and easily! Spend time doing what you want, and consider hiring Nicholson’s Custom Rain Gutters to take care of all your gutter needs!


We Will Save You Money!


If you are considering cleaning your own gutters remember the risk factor. One fall could cost you more than a lifetime of gutter cleanings. Nicholson’s Rain Gutters cleaning crews are seasoned and skilled technicians. While cleaning your gutters we overlook the entire roof and gutter system, inspecting for any damage or signs of leaking. This complimentary inspection has proven to be priceless for many of our customers!


Don’t put off Tomorrow what WE can do today!


Gutter cleaning can be a difficult task which requires a lot of effort from the top of a ladder. It is a strenuous task which is easy to put off until it is too late. Clogged gutters can cause your home to deteriorate over time. Let the Nicholson’s Rain Gutter team help maintain your homes natural beauty. We are expedient, experienced, and insured. That equals no worries for you.


*Ask about our popular, worry-free "Four Season" Cleaning Service (Spring, Summer, Fall and Late Fall)


Contact Nicholson’s Custom Rain Gutters today at 208.755.2916 for a FREE ESTIMATE for Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Repairs, Professional Seamless Gutter Installation, Leaf-X Protection Gutter Systems, Wood Replacement, Residential and Commercial Gutters in the North Idaho region.

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