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* Nicholson’s Custom Rain Gutters will offer a free gutter & downspout cleaning with the purchase of any of these products. 

Leaf Relief gutter cover is a simple gutter cover that is screwed to the top of the gutter and will keep the majority of leaves, pine needles, and debris out of your gutter. 

Leaf Relief

This gutter cover can be installed in place on most existing gutters. It has tiny holes that do not allow much to pass through. Limited debris from the composite shingles will pass through, but this holds back both pine needles and leaves. 

Fine Wire Mesh Gutter Covers

This is the best gutter cover available (in my humble, but accurate, opinion). It tucks up to 4 full inches under the first row of shingles. Leaf-x gutter cover has a patented nose that allows heavy rain flow to proceed into the gutter, but shoots the remaining debris (leaves & pine needles) over the edge. For more detailed information click the link below.


LEAF-X like: 

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